A history of excellence


Decades of knowledge

Brian Midkiff, the Founder and Owner of MPS Speed Shop, has over 30 years of experience building and racing cars.  This passion and knowledge lead to the creation of MPS, which got its start as a carburetor shop.  MPS Speed Shop has now progressed into a full-blown performance parts supplier, offering a rare blend of competitive pricing alongside traditional speed shop know-how!  Here, you are working with experienced professionals, not an amateur reading off of a computer screen!


Our specialties...

We know how to effectively make power, and even more importantly, how to make the most of that power!  If we had to pick a specialty though, it would be induction, or how your motor breathes.  This is the single most important factor when it comes to making power.  It is how a well made small block can embarrass a decked out big block.  What's the point of a thumper cam if you get smoked by a mini van!?  Our goal is to share that knowledge and the correct parts with YOU!


Our methods...

Our mission is to offer a wide selection of performance parts to satisfy most builders needs.  But that is the easy part!  Where we really step up, is in the MPS Speed Shop packages. These packages contain a curated selection of parts specifically chosen to work together!  No more hours of research finding which cam works best with which heads.  Just pick your target performance level, and we have a package ready for you!